Far Flung Correspondents

Aerobics in Lhasa!

Rare fitness news from the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR): It seems the TAR Sports Bureau sponsored a "National Fitness Aerobics Competition" in Lhasa over the weekend. Seven teams competed, and 350 people showed up to watch. The goal: "To promote the concept of fitness and make contributions to economic and social developments." Oh, for a picture from that middle school gym, sadly unavailable via the Chinese news wires....  Much as we sort of love the notion of open-minded lamas embracing booty toning at 160 beats per second, we suspect the competition is a government brainstorm and fraught with cultural imperialism. (Echoes of Nigeria's recent running promotion in that government press release.) Suspicious fact: The winner of the contest was actually the old TAR Communications Department. Not likely that political self-determination is one of the "social developments" the TAR Sports Bureau was hoping to promote. But, whatever, a healthier Tibet is good for everyone. Also, please make mental note: Aerobics have arrived in the Himalayas.


Aerobics (via <a href="http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1310/1020888773_ed38d00652_m.jpg">stillinberlin.de</a>)

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