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Downward Facing September

We've just learned that September has been declared National Yoga Month. This will be the first year, very exciting, which means it's also sort of a trial run. Important to plan ahead, visualize, set an intention. Here, then, are the top ten things we hope will go down during National Yoga Month....

  1. Tree pose and Lotus on mass transit.
  2. Essential oils, always.
  3. Intensive mutual temple rubbing, mid conversation. (Ref. #9).
  4. Yoga pants at cocktail parties, with heels.
  5. Spontaneous "adjustments" of office mates.
  6. Kombucha instead of Apple Juice -- and sticky mats -- at recess.
  7. On the FM dial, Bhagavan Das breaks into hip hop rotation.
  8. Obamas host dawn Mysore classes on White House lawn, next to vegetable garden.
  9. "Please” and “Thank You” replaced by
    “Om” and “Namaste.”
  10. Washington Monument wreathed in patchoulis and lit.
Yoga on the Mall! (Via <a href="">ywtfdc</a>.)


10. I've tried tree on mass transit. Keeps you awake at least.
8. That would freak me out.
6. Ditto.
5, 3, 2. Awesome.

sandyliz's picture

I'd take 3 and not even touch the rest. I guess that with 10 years of doing Yoga, that's what still keeps me from being a Yogi... :)

Eis4Emily's picture

I heart 3 and 5.

Kaitlyn's picture

Yes, yes and yes. Love it!

ssattin's picture

I'm going to use my yoga paws for bike gloves.

spindig's picture

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