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Welcome to Your Workout, I am Gilad.

I think I’m in love. Either that, or my abs are on fire.

His name? Gilad Janklowicz. Just FYI, he's the star of the longest running fitness TV program in the U.S., which is to say the WORLD. He launched ESPN’s first fitness show in 1985. When they broke up in 1996, he moved his gig to Fox Sports for six years, and now he appears on Discovery’s new fitness channel, FitTV. My man's got staying power, but it's not just the cable celebrity that gets me. It's  the hot Israeli accent. There's a hint of Arnold in his voice when -- standing on pristine Hawaiin beach -- he says things like "glutes" or "quads." It just melts me.

Gilad: “Come, let us do another rep! Let us now feel the burn!”
Me: “Oh let’s!"

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Gilad Rules!


OMG! this guy first got me into fitness - I taped his show daily and did them throughout high school! I love him! I had such a crush on Gilad!

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