Om Shanti

Yoga with Les!

Don't EVER say that online advertising doesn't work, or that online yoga classes aren't the future, or that Google has jumped the shark: I just clicked on a banner ad about one inch from the line you are reading, on my not-yet-launched site, and discovered, via automatic Google ads, Yoga with Les!


The quick take: Les Leventhal is a yoga teacher in San Francisco, and he's got a good-looking Web site featuring weekly podcast classes. See, when you teach in San Francisco, your class is full of adoring geeks and venture capitalists. The Internet is Les' oyster. Listen to the man talk. Soak up his peaceful NorCal vibe. Or fast-forward to end of video just to see his bead necklace-bracelet. I'm not mocking - I really do love the guy, and I'm impressed by his site. It's ok to tease the serious yogis just a little though.


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